Knives Tea EP

by Knives Tea

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Produced by Diego Ruelas


released December 22, 2011

David - Vocals and guitar
Edd - Guitar
Efren - Bass
Duviel - Synth
Yulian - Drums



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Knives Tea Los Mochis, Mexico

Knives Tea was formed in early august 2011, when Kiki, Duviel and Efren decided to set up this project according to their influences in common. Few days after they recruited Omar and began songwriting their first pieces. As the project progressed they felt the need to add one more member to the band, materialized in David. The band’s lyrics & music could be described like “dirty and elegant”. ... more

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Track Name: Nonsense Existence
Can't you hear me
Here's what you gotta do
Take this pencil
Draw me some bloody wounds
There's no future
There's nothing left to lose
Open windows
Don't try to stop your mood
All my hopes and all I wanted
Die 'cause life gets bored sometimes
Don't want to smile
Don't Want to play 'cause
Life gets bored sometimes
People acting
Faking their lovely ends
Fate is warning
Crushing their hollow heads
She seems happy
You are already dead
Don't try to stop it
Just take all of your meds
Track Name: True Wish
So here we are again this time
I won't take anything from you
Your shadow sets the place on fire
No one sails the ship again
There is a road that can't be made
So full of dust it melts with you
A hundred miles beneath your chest
Awaits the whole of your disgrace
You said I love you but there's hate
Don't want to feel it but we have some time
Don't let it go away
Too many places I have been
Trying to get away from you
This love has filled me up with crap
Regrest are overflowing now
The price is high we cannot take it
And we're gonna lose control
Don't pull the trigger wait some time
Until the barrel aims at you
Track Name: Taste Me Up
You keep controlling
Annulling this fate
With things that bore me
I heard you
All I've ever liked
Please keep this story appalling
Set this trap at night
I try to call you
To thank you
All you do is cry
People are talking
Smiling all the way
No wonder you want to leave me
In this place alone
I think I treat you right
Feed you right
You surely recognize it
I am who always is next to you
We'll never be apart
Wake me up
Taste me up
Fill me up
Wake me up
Track Name: Sickness Is OK
The cyst in your head knows it
Things are gonna grow
No matter how you throw it
Things are gonna grow
Time passes by and you don't seem to understand
It's way better not to tell them
Please don't hesitate
Don't you want to come and stare at me?
Don't you want to come say
things that don't make any sense to me?